Proteus + RunDiffusion Photo

Step Into A New World

The Proteus and RunDiffusion teams have united to unveil an extraordinary model unlike anything seen before. Immerse yourself instantly in a vast spectrum of artistic expressions, spanning from captivating cartoons and anime to stunning digital, oil, and photorealistic artworks.

Discover the future of AI art today!

meticulously captioned high quality images
Proteus Downloaded
times across Huggingface/Civitai
RunDiffusion Photo
Ratio 0.3
to bring unparalleled photorealistic properties
Trained for over
hours using a powerful GPU cluster
Custom CLIP Model
Proteus Reseach Team

Style Unlocking is revolutionizing the world of AI art creation. Our enhanced CLIP model shatters traditional style limitations, opening the door to limitless creativity. Imagine the possibilities with various SDXL models at your fingertips!

With the innovative PonyDiffusion prompting technique, you can guide any SDXL model to focus on the latent space's prime area for top-quality image generation. This method simplifies the process, requiring just a straightforward prompt without the need for negatives. Explore some of our amazing examples to the side. The Proteus Research team is here to assist you in integrating this cutting-edge CLIP model into your projects. Contact us today.

Avoid qualifiers like Photograph (This creates people)
CFG: 3 - 8.5 (Sweet Spot)
Steps: 30 - 40 (Higher creates artifacts)
Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras
CLIP Skip: 2 (Very Important)

Positive Prompt: your prompt, score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, score_6_up, score_5_up, score_4_up

Negative Prompt: Not Needed (or just add "deformed")

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Merged with
RunDiffusion Photo

Adding RunDiffusion Photo to our Proteus+RunDiffusion suite, we've brought people and realism to life like never before! This addition has been pivotal in achieving photorealistic textures and intricate details in so many models. Objects, places, animals, and beyond are all transformed. Trusted by brands globally, RunDiffusion Photo excels in creating lifelike images tailored to your needs.

RunDiffusion's Positive/Negative Package Merging technique allows for precise refinement of details such as contrast, skin tones, imperfections, eyes, fabric textures, emotions, and much more.

You can experience the power of RunDiffusion Photo by simply launching a Fooocus server in the app.

Proteus + RunDiffusion Generation Samples