Juggernaut XL

Worlds Most Downloaded SDXL Model

Juggernaut XL is truly the worlds most popular SDXL model. KandooAI and the RunDiffusion team have united once again to bring two new versions of Juggernaut X also known as v10 to the community.

A safe-for-work version is available through RunDiffusion, while a more unrestricted version can be accessed publicly and free on Civitai.com/Huggingface.
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Downloads across Huggingface/Civitai.com. Most in the world.
Images Captioned
GPT Vision Captioned images with manual checking in the dataset
RunDiffusion Photo
Ratio 0.3
to bring unparalleled photorealistic properties to all models
Trained for over
hours using a powerful GPU cluster to bring the model to life

Juggernaut XL v10 is launching with two distinct versions: one Safe for Work (SFW) and one Not Safe for Work (NSFW). This dual release strategy is designed to cater to diverse preferences and ensure inclusivity, offering the perfect solution for every user.

Our newest Safe for Work edition is available exclusively through Fooocus and on RunDiffusion.com. It allows users to generate high-quality, suitable images while adhering to safe content guidelines. This version is particularly user-friendly, requiring only simple, straightforward prompts. It's ideal for the workplace, students, educators, and families.

SAFE stands for Suitable Ai For Everyone.

Conversely, the Not Safe for Work version offers unrestricted creative freedom across all categories and spectrums. This model is perfect for those seeking less constrained artistic expression and is available for free on Civitai.com, though a license is required for commercial use.

Both models of Juggernaut X v10 represent our commitment to fostering a creative community that respects diverse needs and preferences. Explore these innovative offerings to find the model that best suits your artistic journey or educational goals.

SAFE Licensing is available, please contact us.

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Merged with
RunDiffusion Photo

We've elevated the Juggernaut XL suite with the integration of the RunDiffusion Photo , bringing an unprecedented level of realism and vibrancy to our models. This approach is essential for achieving photorealistic textures and intricate details, transforming objects, places, animals, and more into vivid, lifelike images. Trusted globally by brands, RunDiffusion Photo excels in crafting custom images that perfectly meet your generation goals.

RunDiffusion's Positive/Negative Package Merging technique allows for precise refinement of details such as contrast, skin tones, imperfections, eyes, fabric textures, emotions, and much more.

You can experience the power of RunDiffusion Photo by simply launching a Fooocus server in the app.

Don't worry, you can still generate all your favorite characters and brands, just make sure you are using them appropriately and in accordance to your laws.

Prompting Guide

Welcome to the quick start guide for the Juggernaut XL v10. This guide is designed to help you seamlessly integrate this powerful model into your workflow, enabling you to leverage its advanced capabilities without feeling overwhelmed.

Juggernaut XL v10, developed with the innovative Caption Tool by LEOSAM (HelloWorld), this marks a significant advancement in image captioning technology. We have meticulously restructured the base model and extensively recaptioned it using the latest version of GPT-4. The NSFW components have been carefully revised using the current WD Tagger, ensuring they align perfectly with the broader model framework.

  • Enhanced Caption Accuracy: Powered by GPT-4, the Juggernaut XL v10 delivers high precision in image captioning, requiring accurate and descriptive prompts to produce the best results.
  • Improved Classification of Shots: We've addressed the previous issues with shot type classification (Full Body, Midshots, Portraits) by balancing the model to equally recognize and generate these shot types.
  • Text Generation Capability: The model can generate text within images, optimized for short words or phrases to avoid gibberish in longer texts.

Prompting Techniques

Natural Prompting Style
For natural prompting, we recommend keeping descriptions brief due to the 75-token limit. Extensive descriptions may not be fully captured within the image generation process.

Tagging Prompting Style
Tagging allows for more detailed control over the image content by specifying attributes and elements explicitly.

Natural Prompting Style

Positive Prompt: A swirling beautiful exploding scene of magical wonders and surreal ideas and objects with portraits of beautiful woman with silk back to camera, flowers, light, cosmic wonder, nebula, high-resolution

Negative Prompt: fake eyes, deformed eyes, bad eyes, cgi, 3D, digital, airbrushed, hands, hand

Tagging Prompting Style

Positive Prompt: Midshot, young woman doing a heart gesture pose with her hands, smiling, sunlight, purple white dress, outdoor, natural light, heart necklace, half-head shot, film photography, warm tones, soft focus, greenery background, shadow on face, summer vibes, casual style, wavy hair, content expression, golden hour, clear sky, bokeh background

Natural Prompting Style

Positive Prompt: A dreamy and fantastical photo of a unicorn riding a hoverboard, with a backdrop of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Negative Prompt: cartoon, deformed, bad composition, cgi, 3D, digital, airbrushed, hands, hand

Juggernaut X Showcase

Explore some captivating images created by the newest member of the Juggernaut family

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