Juggernaut XI

The Latest Version of Juggernaut

We are thrilled to introduce Juggernaut XI, our most advanced generative model to date. Juggernaut XI features significantly enhanced prompt adherence and superior aesthetics, building on the GPT-4 captioning system to enable precise manual model alignment integrated directly into the model. This represents the pinnacle of our development efforts, and we are excited for you to experience the remarkable capabilities of Juggernaut XI.

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Images Captioned
GPT Vision Captioned images with manual checking in the dataset
RunDiffusion Photo
Ratio 0.3
to bring unparalleled photorealistic properties to all models
Trained for over
hours using a powerful GPU cluster to bring the model to life

Prompting Guide

Welcome to the quick start guide for the Juggernaut XL v10. This guide is designed to help you seamlessly integrate this powerful model into your workflow, enabling you to leverage its advanced capabilities without feeling overwhelmed.

Juggernaut XI v11, developed with the innovative Caption Tool by LEOSAM (HelloWorld), this marks a significant advancement in image captioning technology. We have meticulously restructured the base model and extensively recaptioned it using the latest version of GPT-4. The NSFW components have been carefully revised using the current WD Tagger, ensuring they align perfectly with the broader model framework.

  • Enhanced Caption Accuracy: Powered by GPT-4, the Juggernaut XL v10 delivers high precision in image captioning, requiring accurate and descriptive prompts to produce the best results.
  • Improved Classification of Shots: We've addressed the previous issues with shot type classification (Full Body, Midshots, Portraits) by balancing the model to equally recognize and generate these shot types.
  • Text Generation Capability: The model can generate text within images, optimized for short words or phrases to avoid gibberish in longer texts.

Prompting Techniques

Natural Prompting Style
For natural prompting, we recommend keeping descriptions brief due to the 75-token limit. Extensive descriptions may not be fully captured within the image generation process.

Tagging Prompting Style
Tagging allows for more detailed control over the image content by specifying attributes and elements explicitly.

Ultra Realistic

Medium shot, Gray and red feathers woodpecker, in the style of yellow and orange, moody lighting, best quality, full body portrait, real picture, intricate details, depth of field, in a forest, fujifilm xt3, outdoors, bright day, beautiful lighting, raw photo, 8k uhd, film grain

Negative Prompt: fake eyes, deformed eyes, bad eyes, cgi, 3D, digital, airbrushed, hands, hand

Ultra Accurate

A world globe with a wooden base and bronze meridian, blue ocean, and political map

Negative prompt: bad eyes, cgi, airbrushed, plastic, deformed
Steps: 35, Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE, Schedule type: Exponential, CFG scale: 4, Seed: 3934718193, Size: 832x1216, Model hash: 33e58e8668, Model: Juggernaut_XI

Ultra Creative

A cat dressed in business attire sitting at a desk, computer in the background, keyboard

Negative prompt: bad eyes, cgi, airbrushed, plastic, deformed, watermark, nude
Steps: 35, Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE, Schedule type: Exponential, CFG scale: 4, Seed: 2554065581, Size: 832x1216, Model hash: 33e58e8668, Model: Juggernaut_XI

Juggernaut XI Showcase

Explore some captivating images created by the newest member of the Juggernaut family

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