FaceFusion in the Cloud

Online Next-Gen Face Swapper & Enhancer

  • Swap faces with image to video and image to image using 5 different models
  • Enhance faces using 7 different models
  • Enhance and upscale videos and images using 3 different models
  • Lip Sync using audio to video
  • Multi-model face detection
  • Occlusion masking and region masking (eyes, mouth, nose)
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Run FaceFusion online and leverage our powerful cloud infrastructure to deliver an exceptional suite of features for digital media enhancement. FaceFusion excels in face swapping, offering "image to video" and "image to image" options with five specialized models for flawless results. With seven models dedicated to facial enhancement and three for video and image upscaling, we ensure high-quality output across all workflows. FaceFusion is the best choice for editing digital media seamlessly in the cloud.

In the video above, one side has a face swapped out with FaceFusion Online and the other is the source video.
Bet you can't tell the difference.
FaceFusion Purple
Exclusive Version

FaceFusion on RunDiffusion is being shipped with the Purple Edition, integrating the best features from the Gold Edition. FaceFusion and RunDiffusion teamed up to establish a dedicated fork that will be regularly extended with premium features.

  • Purple Color Theme
  • Ghost face swappers suitable for images
  • Experimental face swapper weight
  • Download remote videos straight into the target component

Check out the GitHub project project here: https://github.com/facefusion/facefusion

Chris Pratt as a lumberjack!
FaceFusion Purple Interface
Get work done
Real World Use Cases
  • Swap faces in your favorite YouTube videos
  • Create AI influencers for your own channels
  • Replace actors in a movie or play a role by yourself
  • General image upscaling

Adding RunDiffusion Photo to our Proteus+RunDiffusion suite, we've brought people and realism to life like never before! This addition has been pivotal in achieving photorealistic textures and intricate details in so many models. Objects, places, animals, and beyond are all transformed. Trusted by brands globally, RunDiffusion Photo excels in creating lifelike images tailored to your needs.

RunDiffusion's Positive/Negative Package Merging technique allows for precise refinement of details such as contrast, skin tones, imperfections, eyes, fabric textures, emotions, and much more.

You can experience the power of RunDiffusion Photo by simply launching a Fooocus server in the app.

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