Drag & Drop into Comfy

Drag & Drop the images below into ComfyUI. It will automatically populate all of the nodes/settings that were used to generate the image. You can then just immediately click the "Generate" button to generate more images with the same prompt/settings.

Step 1: Download the image from this page below.
Step 2: Drag & Drop the downloaded image straight onto the ComfyUI canvas.
Step 3: View more workflows at the bottom of this page.

Only $0.50 per hour

Searge Workflow

ComfyUI Workflows

ComfyUI Workflows are a way to easily start generating images within ComfyUI. It can be a little intimidating starting out with a blank canvas, but by bringing in an existing workflow, you can have a starting point that comes with a set of nodes all ready to go.

We also have some images that you can drag-n-drop into the UI to have some of the Workflows prefilled with all the Node settings that it took to generate that image.

A brain with electrical nodes emerging from it.