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Case Study
City of Warsaw Poland

RunDiffusion powered the “Future Painters Zone” at the "The Long Night of Museums" Festival 2023 in Warsaw, transforming tablet drawings using AI into displays on LED billboards. The standout artworks getting billboard highlights.

: Engineer a dynamic and engaging experience where Warsaw residents can walk up and generate artwork using generative AI techniques in REAL-TIME!

Outcome: The city worked with RunDiffusion's team to create a solution that would seamlessly power and showcase the residents' AI-transformed drawings. The event was a resounding success, attributed in large part to RunDiffusion's contribution.

Watch Warsaw's Video
Case Study

RunDiffusion has been instrumental in helping brands within the automotive sector embrace generative AI to significantly cut production costs associated with photographing their concept cars. Our custom models and LoRAs streamline the concepting and ideation phases, translating to savings of up to 80% in production costs.

Want to imagine your car at the beach? Or driving through water? How about envisioning it on the top of a mountain? With RunDiffusion, these imaginations become simple reality.

Prompt: izera_car driving through the water splashing, photorealistic, action shot, 4k, RAW

Steps: 30, Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 1337911884, Size: 512x768, Model: RunDiffusion-FX_Photorealistic

Case Study
NBA All-Star

RunDiffusion collaborated with Hennessy and the NBA during the All-Star Weekend 2023 in Utah to generate 600,000 HD images for a promotional event in just 5 days. Something no human team could do.

Outcome: Because of RunDiffusion's team, this memorable Hennessy event did not have to get canceled last-minute! It marked the inception of the platform's innovative "Multi-Session" feature, making mass image generation AI workflows possible.


> Launching dozens of servers, please stand by

> Connecting to your cloud provider and syncing images

Case Study
Mighty Bear Games

Mighty Bear Games integrated generative AI to optimize their 3D art production for "Mighty Action Heroes," streamlining processes while retaining human creativity.

Read full blog post - Click here

Challenge: The company faced the daunting task of maintaining lean 3D art production pipelines for their game, where creating “1 character” demanded a multitude of assets and significant time.

Outcome: By employing generative AI techniques and using RunDiffusion's platform, Mighty Bear Games achieved significant time savings in 3D art production. However, despite the efficiencies brought by AI, the consistent quality and originality in the artwork remained rooted in human expertise and creativity.

Case Study
The Red Headed Hostess

Dive into the future of AI with RunDiffusion's exclusive "Model Consultation Services". We can capture and immortalize your unique artistic style into models, super-charging your art team with swift reference work and AI image generation capabilities.

Not only will you revolutionize your artists' workflows, you will also enroll your creatives into RunDiffusion's Master Classes. Learn from the world's best.

Outcome: The Red Headed Hostess did just this and their artists save 3 hours daily!

Prompt: jesus riding a donkey in RHH_Style, claymation style, high quality, sun setting on path

Steps: 30, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 1339845500, Size: 1024x1024, Model: RunDiffusion-XL

Case Study

With the help from RunDiffusion's AI solutions engineering team, Aglet App went from only having the resources to create sneakers and shoe variations to being able to expand to 5 additional concepts to their app without hiring any more creative professionals!

In addition to shoes, they added: hats, faces, jackets, accessories, characters, and skateboards. Plus more!

They increased creative output 4x with the same sized team!


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